January 2020

A heartfelt thanks from the 3 students whom we assisted to get high school uniforms for, in December 2019 – as well as a lovely note from young Athandile himself. Handwritten correspondence trumps electronic communication any day of the week! Thank you beautiful children.




We are so proud of Athandile for producing an excellent report at the end of last year and progressing comfortably to Grade 5.

He is known as a conscientious boy at school, who, according to his teacher, possesses good self-discipline and displays a “great balance of behaviour”. While he is sociable with those around him, when it is time to work, he gets down to it. 

Notably, Athi did not miss a single day of school in 2019. What an achievement!

While he continues to enjoy playing soccer for the HBUFC three times a week, in November 2019 he also participated in a 4 week ‘Pilates for Kids’ course. By the fourth lesson, through practise and persistence, he was able to kneel on the gym ball and balance without using the wall – a feat which is tricky for most to achieve.

During the December holidays Bright Start organised a holiday programme to keep the children busy and having fun. This holiday Athi went on an outing to Cool Runnings and attended a Bright Start Pool Party.

We look forward to seeing what 2020 holds for our young ‘Bright Starter’.



Athandile and his mother recently visited the Norval Foundation in Tokai on 9 November. The Norval Foundation has been a kind supporter of Bright Start and sponsor trips for their children whenever there is a new exhibition. They thoroughly enjoyed this exposure to South African art.

Athi has also almost completed a 4 week ‘Pilates for kids’ course with one of the Bright Start service providers, Tracy Bertish. 

A very exciting award was bestowed upon Athi this past week by Kronendal School, a certificate of achievement for ‘Having the most positive attitude’. His prize was a Bugatti’s pizza voucher which he will share with his mom, and he has already picked out the pizza he will be having – well done Athi!

As the year draws to a close we wait in anticipation to receive the news of his final exam marks, and wish Athi and his family the most beautiful festive season together – we look forward to more adventures with them in 2020.

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Athandile has had a good start to his final term this school year.

He enjoyed building a rocket using a balloon, for his Natural Science project – all good fun while learning about physics.

He continues to enjoy playing soccer for the HBUFC and on 20 October his team drew against Parklands.

Over the next few weeks he will be preparing for his November exams. We’re sure that he will do brilliantly and be more than ready for Grade 5 in 2020.

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Athandile has just finished up his FATs at school (Formal Assessment Tasks), but has not received his results for these yet – if his past marks are anything to go by, he will have nothing to worry about.

He is currently playing soccer five times a week (two days for school and three days for HBUFC) and is loving it.

Athi is really enjoying keeping active and is enjoying connecting with Frank’s son at HBUFC practises – they are striking up quite the bond.

We look forward to connecting more with our young soccer star this term, and will keep you posted with his developments.

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It has been an exciting month for young Athandile, as he has joined the Hout Bay United Football Club, HBUFC.

He will now be practicing twice a week with HBUFC and will continue to play for his school team which will groom our young soccer star for great achievements in his favourite sport.

Athandile took some time out to join the “Holland United” team players on their literal home turf for a fun morning of footy.


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JULY 2019

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good that will overwhelm the world”
– Desmond Tutu

We all have the ability to make a difference in our communities and to build hope in our Rainbow Nation. With this in mind, FHA is beyond proud to announce our association with Bright Start, and we encourage you to follow (and contribute to!) our journey with Athandile Mbaleki as we partner with him through his school career and extramural activities.

FHA has committed to sponsoring Athandile’s annual schooling, mentoring, sporting and cultural pursuits. We will achieve this by contributing R300 per conveyancing instruction received by our firm directly to Bright Start, which we pay over on a monthly basis.

Athandile (or “Athie”, as he is affectionately known) is a gentle, good-natured, 10 year old boy in Grade 4 at Kronendal Primary School in Hout Bay. He is quietly confident, independent and organised. Athie is an avid reader and visits the school library every few days to replenish his stock. After school, you might find him on the soccer field, making it difficult for his opponents to score – Athie plays goalkeeper or defender. He’s also a great swimmer, and karate maestro!The Bright Start Sponsorship Programme includes:

  • school fees
  • mentorship and guidance of the parent and child
  • extramural activities
  • cultural enrichment
  • safe after-care
  • daily reliable transport 
  • access to subsidised private health and dental care 

Most parents of the Bright Start kids are domestic workers and general workers whose livelihoods are not well sustained. Beneficiaries are all from previously disadvantaged backgrounds with a gender ratio of 50% female and 50% male.

We’re so excited to be supporting Athie as he learns, grows and finds his life’s passion. We invite you to follow his story on our social media platforms and in future editions of this newsletter.