June 2024

Athandile had a difficult start to Grade 9, finding the adjustment to new teachers and an even greater workload challenging. His focus and work ethic were affected, yet with the help of extra classes offered at Camps Bay High School, coaching and mentoring by our Bright Start team and renewed effort, Athandile improved in all areas of learning in Term 2. He achieved a pleasing set of results and we know that with continued hard work and focus in class, he will reach for the stars. It is not easy being a teenager in 2024, with the many distractions of new technologies, peer pressure and the transition from being a boy to becoming a man, yet we are proud of how Athi is handling the challenges of this season of life. He is open to guidance and counsel and well able to redirect his steps when needed. Much to be proud of.



May 2024




April 2024

  1. How is Grade 9 treating you in the second term, are you preparing for exams?

Grade 9 is treating me well so far, and our teachers are preparing us for the upcoming exams.

  1. Hout Bay was very busy recently; did you get to see any of the runners from the Two Oceans?

I didn’t get to see any of the runners, but I hears about the Two Oceans marathon from other people.

  1. What music are you currently listening to?

I am currently listening to Afrobeats, and Amapiano at the moment, and I am open to other genre’s as well.

  1. Please describe a typical school day for us, from when you wake to when you go to bed, we would love to peek into a typical school day in Cape Town.

When I am done with my normal morning routine, I wait for my friend so that we can walk to tbe MiCiti bus stop at 6.45am. We then take the bus from Berg-En-Dal to Maidens Cove and then my school day begins which as 7 lessons and 2 breaks in between. School ends at 2.50pm, then I get home, eat, chill, do my homework and that’s about it.

  1. Did your school do anything special for Earth Day?

We had a beach clean up.

Thank you Athi for sharing your recap on April Month. We wish you a very happy birthday for the 4th of May and we look forward to hearing all about it in next month’s mailer.




March 2024

  1. What did you do that is exciting this Month?

I haven’t done anything that’s really exciting this month; I went to the Waterfront last week with one of my friends but there wasn’t anything exciting there that was exciting.

  1. Plans for the upcoming holidays?

I don’t have any plans for these upcoming holidays. I will be at home with family and helping out with cleaning up. 

  1. Exams or Class test

We have been doing class test the past week for the first term. My class test are going well so far and I don’t have any complaints about it.

  1. Favourite Subject and less favourite?

My favourite subject at the moment is history. I’m really enjoying the subject and the least favourite subject is Science but I have learned to be more creative so I can enjoy the lesson in class.

  1. Favourite Teacher?

My favourite teacher at Camps Bay High is Mr Zikhali, who is also my tutor teacher (until grade 12). He makes every lesson fun. I enjoy going to school.

  1. Best Friend?

My best friend is Lubelihle (Lilly), she gives the best advices and she always listen to me when I need to vent. I don’t see her as much anymore because she’s in grade 10 and she has to study a lot.

  1. International Women’s Day!

Some of guys at school from Angola and Zambia were celebrating International Women’s Day on the 8th of March; I join in, Happy Women’s Day to all the women in the world. We will celebrate it again when the country celebrate it.




February 2024

We find ourselves a little over halfway through Term 1, a term filled with expectations and new experiences, we take a moment to reflect on the last few weeks at Bright Start.

Our Bright Start children returned from their Christmas break feeling re-energised and ready to tackle new challenges and work hard.

For some, the start of 2024 meant a new school, new friendships as well as new subjects and teachers. The children were inspired by our self-reflection, looking at their 2023, 4th term report, taking note of what worked, what needs to be improved upon and evaluating their academic performance and general commitment to their studies. It is with renewed determination that they have tackled Term 1 of 2024.

Athandile was pleased with his overall academic performance at the end of last year yet felt he could have done better in most of his subjects. Athi tends to be easily distracted in class, like most teenage boys, and realises that Grade 9 will require all his focus. He understands that being more consistent with his efforts throughout the year will ensure consistent results that reflect his capabilities. He is aiming high, and we would like to offer him the assistance required for him to get there.

He is scheduled at the Bright Start learning centre twice a week in Term 1 for monitoring and mentoring, and project/study assistance.

He has signed up for Basketball every Monday and Wednesday, a sport he really enjoys.

It is going to be a good year for all our Bright Start children, and we appreciate all your support.

To learn more about Bright Start, and how you could get involved, please visit their website:

www. and follow his journey with FHA at:



January 2024


I hope everyone is having an amazing day at FHA and Happy New Year to everyone at FHA.

  1. Favourite Memory From Holiday in 2023

My favourite memory from the December holidays was when I went to the V&A Waterfront with some of my friends from primary school and high school to watch a movie and eat lunch. 

  1. New Year’s Resolution

My new year’s resolution is to have a good academic year, be kind to others and help out at home.

  1. Thoughts Around His New Grade For 2024

My thoughts on passing grade 8 and being a grade 9 student are very straight forward. In grade 8 I was very excited to be in high school and I made a lot of friends. But this year I feel a bit grown, with more responsibilities of been a grade 9 students. I want to do well academically.

  1. Favourite Song / Meal / Moment / Programme Of 2023

Song – Yes God by Oscar Mbo

Meal – Fast food

Moment – becoming a high school student

Programme – Bright Start’s Maths practise

  1. Advice For The New Gr8 Class Of 2024

My advice for the Gr8 class of 2024 is don’t stress to much about your work because that’s when you tend to make mistakes and enjoy the beginning of a new chapter.

I wish this year will be great year for everyone at FHA. Thank you for your support.

Thank you!




November 2023

I hope everyone is doing well at FHA.

  1. How did your final exams go/ how are they going – did you find anything particularly difficult or easy.

The exams are going as I expected and so far I haven’t written my maths paper 2 which is very hard and I’m afraid of but other than that everything besides science is going well. My exams are going well. I have more time to study.

  1. Plans for December Holidays

My plans for December is either going to Eastern Cape (which is boring) or going to my aunt in Gauteng for the holidays. My first plan is to convince my parents into not going to the Eastern Cape, it’s a retirement village. It’s too quiet, shops are far so are the neighbours.

  1. Favourite memory of 2023

My favourite memory of 2023 was my first day of High School or Orientation day at Camps Bay High School when I met my new friends and classmates. New adventure!

  1. Christmas Wish List

I don’t really have anything on my wish list but I have been saving to buy me a pair of Tiempo boots or any mercurial.

  1. Advice for Gr 8’s starting next year – What you wish you knew before getting to high school


October 2023

“Hi everyone at FHA family, I hope everyone is having an amazing October. I’m wishing you all a Happy and sunny October month.”

  1. Have you been following the rugby world cup?

I have been following the rugby world cup since it began and I’m very proud of how far the springboks have made it so far. I most nerve racking match so far is with hosting team – France. They almost got us but almost don’t count in sports. I hope the upcoming match with England goes well. We have won against England in 2019’s world cup. We will win again this weekend.

  1. Who is your favourite player and Why? 

I wouldn’t say I have a favourite player but I do enjoy watching Cheslin Kolbe play. His is one of the fastest players in country. What he did during the match against France helped us move on to the semi-finals.

  1. When do you start your final exams for term 3/4 and what has your preparation for this look like, do you have a study tips for all the other scholars out there?

A good daily routine for me is getting up and stretch for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then clean up my side of the room, get ready for school and eat breakfast. I leave early for school; it gives me enough time to prepare for each subject throughout the day. 

Never sit at the back in class because you never learn anything and you get distracted easily by friend in class. Give yourself enough time to take down notice in class because they will help you during your study time when you prepare for your exams.

Our exams are starting around the 10th of November 2013. I plan to study early rather than a day before exams. This way I won’t stress a lot about exams because I’m well prepared.

  1. Any family or Friendship news?

Family and Friends are doing well, everyone is very supportive and looking forward to the upcoming holidays.




September 2023


I hope everyone at FHA family is  having an amazing September. Happy first month of Spring everyone. I just hope we get some bit of sunshine from now on.


I’ve been going to the Valley Sandcastle building competition since I was in Valley Pre-school, which was about 9 years ago. I don’t think my friends and I will be participating in the competition this year but we hope to volunteer our time with assisting in the competition.


 I don’t have plans yet for upcoming holidays but I’m sure I will be spending it with my friend and family. I also want to focus on my final exams and set up a good schedule for myself. But I want to enjoy this last school holiday to prepare for my final term of the year.


We’ve been writing tests the past 2 weeks and those 2 weeks were very stressful for me but I managed. I also had loads for projects/assignment this term so which kept me busy throughout the 3rd term.


The classes in Camps Bay have more people so I could make more friends there. I’m happy with the friends I have made so far. Most of them are friends I had since I joined the Bright Start family and Primary School.

Happy Spring everyone. I’m hoping for a great summer soon.

Thank you!




August 2023

Morning to everyone at FHA and I hope you’re all having an amazing day.

I think women’s month is a very important month here in South Africa because we celebrate the most important people of our lives.

My best friend at school is Yakha because we know each other very well and the thing I like the most about him is that he understands me. My favourite meal is probably a burger and chips and I don’t really have a reason. My perfect day would be a day with no school of course and obviously be with Elam, Lubelihle and Yakha and we would go to Grandwest and enjoy ourselves and we would also go shopping at Waterfront.



July 2023

This year Mandela Day was a normal first day of school for me, but my peers and I did community services for Mandela Day. We cleaned in our community and others assisted with putting up posters to teach people about recycling and keeping the environment clean. It’s fun to give back.

My holiday was pretty boring, and I didn’t do that much during the school break.

 One of the things I did enjoy, was going out with Bright Start. We went to Cool Runnings in Belville.

I had so much fun with my Bright Start family, we didn’t want to leave. At first I thought this place is for kids and I’m not going to have fun but it was for everyone. I enjoyed it a lot.

I’m looking forward to playing more rugby matches this term and doing well academically.

I don’t have any more news from home; everyone is doing well and very supportive.

 School is still the same and I’m still learning a lot from my friends.

Chat soon.




May 2023

Dear FHA

I don’t really have much planned for this holiday but I know I’m going to spend most of it at my friends’ houses and going out a few times.

CBHS hasn’t given our reports back so I am not sure what my results look like for this term,  but what I can say is that I hope I got good marks. I studied as much as I could and I did well during the exams. I can’t wait to see the report, as I did well in the 1st term, normally the 2nd term is harder than the 1st term but I do know I did well.

Meeting my new friends at school is my favourite highlight of this past term, there’s a lot of people who make me smile at school like Precious, Asa and Ave and my Bright Start group of friends. The fact that I love my new school is a bonus.

My top 3 favourite things about CBHS are;

  • THE SPORT – I join the rugby team. My coach motivates and supports us on the field.
  • THE LEARNERS – Most of them are my friends. The teachers are supportive and friendly.
  • BRIGHT START – They took us on an outing on the 26th of June 2023 to a place in Bellville called Cool Runnings and we had lots of fun.

Bright Start has a MATHS WORKSHOP for 3 days (03/05/07 July 2023) and I will be attending that too.

I’m enjoying my holiday and getting ready for the 3rd term.




April 2023


March 2023

Hi Tani and everyone

I hope you are having a good day.

My holiday was a bit boring because I didn’t have anything to do but I did go to one of my friend’s parties. I played games and soccer with my friends.

GOOD NEWS: The sneakers that were stolen, I got them back and I was so happy when I received them. It made my day.

Holiday Internship: I also went to a place in Killarney Gardens that makes vintage cars and I got to see a lot of rare cars, how they are made and all the process of creating an old car. 

My goals for this term are to improve in the subjects I didn’t do good or well in and I want to score at least one try for our rugby team. I did get the shoes that I lost after a long time of searching.

Thank You


February 2023

There is nothing new about me so far. This year I just want to focus on enjoying being in high school and there’s nothing you guys don’t know about me.

There is one thing I want to share – my Christmas sneakers were stolen during PE (Free Time) at school this month and I reported it to the teacher. It felt and still feels like I have lost a loved one. I know, it’s crazy but they were my favourite pair of shoes and they were new. My mother did warn me about taking them to school but I wanted to show them to my friends at school. Oh! I have learned my lesson, “I WILL NEVER, I MEAN NEVER WEAR my new shoes at school unless I have private security on standby. Jokes aside, I will be more careful. 

On a positive note:  I’m planning on spending more time with the new friends I made this year at Camps Bay High School. I’m also planning on playing lots of soccer and FIFA with my friend Frankie during the holiday. Those are the only things that I have planned.

I’m enjoying Biology, it’s the only subject I was worried about. 

 But right now the focus in on my school work and great school marks so I can make you guys proud. 




January 2023


My 1st Valentine’s Day experience in High School was normal just like any other day and it was normal just like any other day and it was quite boring but there were 2 girls who asked me out but I politely rejected them.


I’m finding lots of things interesting about High School especially, one of the subjects I didn’t have last year which is Biology.


I haven’t found anything challenging so far but I’m sure that’s going to change in the following terms.


Yes, I have been making new friends especially in Grade 9 and the ones in my tutor’s class.


Yes, I think the uniform looks neater than my old school’s uniform and NO! we don’t have to wear our blazers every day but we only wear them on Mondays and Thursdays.


I only had two subjects that I could choose from which are, Afrikaans and IsiXhosa.


Yes, I haven’t done Biology as a subject and Science.


We only work off computers during one of my subjects which are Tech and Computer classes.


No, nothing has changed about me, I feel like I’m just a year older and taller. I want to do well academically to make my parents proud.


The bright Start workshops are actually nice and they give us an opportunity to actually think about our future.


One thing I like is that they give us peace to think about what we would like to become when were older.


They will help me choose the subjects I’ll need to take for my dream job and when I’m in university and make sure that I get enough time to choose what job I’d study for when I’m in university.




December 2022

Good Day All

As you guys know, I go to the Eastern Cape with my family every single December holiday. When we travel to the Eastern Cape, we travel at a family and we eat a lot because it an 16 hours’ drive to our village. On the 25th of December 2022, I had to go to a very important ceremony because my cousin was in the bush which is part of our process that makes or classifies you as a man in the village and is also an indication that you are ready for independence now. You can contribute financial and emotional to the family. The family also celebrate your achievements.

I’m looking forward to meeting new learner, making new friends at school, seeing my old friends and finding out who will be in my class. I’m was very excited, I couldn’t sleep the night before I was nervous and excited at the same time. I made new friend, I was very excited to see some of my old friends from school. I’m looking forward to the athlete’s day which I’ll be doing or participating in short-put.

I will be continuing with the sport I was doing in primary school last year but I might swap soccer for rugby, we will see how the year goes and I can do or learn.

I’ve also been using the MyCiti bus to travel to school and back home.

I also wanted to mention that we have a problem with electricity in the Eastern Cape so we barely got to charge our phones so we couldn’t take pictures and the only picture of us is when we were leaving for the Eastern Cape.



November 2022


These two months are the last days of me attending a primary school or being at Kronendal primary school. I’m very proud of myself for passing all 6 grades and working hard by studying to pass grade 7 this year so I can go to high school. I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

we are starting our exams n two weeks and I’ve been studying a lot because these are my last exams or final exams in Kronendal and I hope everyone in my grade passes.


The hardest subject in grade 7 is MATHS because we learn a lot of topics in a small amount of times so that makes it hard to learn, but I have been practicing a lot on Reflective Learning (Maths App) to help me improve my understanding of numbers, data and other topics.


I enjoy Maths the most because it teaches me to learn hard, solve problems and over come challenges that I face on a daily bases. 


I’m going to miss my friend Izi and Teri the most because they’re going to another school and I’ve made lots of memories with them and lots of other learners. 

My favourite teacher is Mrs Cornell because she would motivate me when I am at my lowest and she always smiles when she sees me.


I don’t really have plans for December but I’m going to Eastern Cape for 2 weeks and my cousins are going to the bush and there will be a big event to celebrate them. It’s always fun to spend time with family and meet new members of the family.


There is one thing in or on my wishlist and that’s something that will make me happy. I HOPE EVERYONE AT FHA HAS A NICE HOLIDAY WITH THEIR FAMILIES. Thank you for everything and for caring about about me.




October 2022


I did a lot of things during the holidays like playing soccer on the field, working on my public speaking skills for an English Assignment and did some research for a school projects. I also played video games with my friends.


I’m mostly excited for spending more time with my peers and my older siblings because I live far from them. I’ve also missed everyone so much and have fun at the same time.


I Feel happy and sad at the some time because I’ve made memories with lots of people I grew up with and I enjoy spending time with my family.


This term I’m going to be playing tennis. I’m both excited and scared because next year I’m going to Camps Bay High School. It’s a new School, new teachers and I’ll be making new friends.


September 2022

I don’t really think there’s a change in Spring but if there is, its has to be the weather because I think I’ll spend more time outside now and I’ll get a clear mind from this. The other change is that our winter sports will now change into summer sports.
I think Heritage Day is a big thing for not only me but the whole of South Africa because on this month of September we’ll be celebrating our heritage and cultures. South Africa has mixed heritages so I’m looking forward to it.
I’ll be celebrating Heritage Day at school and at home. At school, we will be dressed up in traditional clothes to show our cultures. At home, we get together as families in the community and share food and our parents tell us stories of the old days.
The School Holidays I might go to this pizza place called Bugatti’s with my Girl-friend Bonang and with other friends. I’ll be chilling at home most of the time watching movies or going to the sports games.
On Friday the 16th of September the Kronendal U/13 boys won a Tournament hosted by Kronendal Primary School and we won 2-0 against Moriavan / OranjeKloof Primary School in the final match.



August 2022

What are you hoping for this coming Spring?
What I’m hoping for this coming spring is good weather because last winter was very cold and I don’t like rain or cold weather because I like to enjoy the outdoors. I’m also hoping that our school spring dance actually happens as well because I want to enjoy m last few months at Kronendal Primary School.
What does coming out of winter make you feel?
I feel good because I don’t like cold weather, when it’s raining I can’t play outside and I don not see my friends a lot. I also don’t want winter to end because soccer is part of the winter-extra murals.
Women’s Month Highlights for you this August?
The things I did for Women’s month weren’t a lot but the most important one for me is; I give my mom a break from cooking and cleaning this month. It was an enjoyable experience because I had to cook for the whole family. We’ve also learnt the importance to mothers, women and girls because they do so much for us. Happy Women’s Month to all the ladies at FHA.
Any New Sport for the New Season?
I am going to play tennis on Mondays and Wednesdays, I’m also thing about joining the swimming club on Tuesdays.
Any Family News?
I don’t have any family news at the moment. Everyone is doing well and pretty good.



July 2022

Good Day FHA, 

My holiday was really boring because I have nothing to do at home. So I had to go to the field every single day. I played soccer with my friends, sometimes I would watch soccer much with other guys at the field and I really enjoyed meeting new friends at the field. I also played games on everyone’s phone at home, just to see who download fun games between my mom and dad. 

I think load-shedding is getting annoying because ever since it start, every year it’s just getting bad and most people in IY that has small business are affected by the fact they can’t run their business effectively because they don’t have electricity. The load-shedding has also ruined people’s lives, a fire can start anytime due to bad wiring by a neighbour so we must always be on a look out and there has been lots of burglaries in Imizamo Yethu and the shop in my street was affected by this

The children in my class and I are going to sing a song called “Heal the World by Michael Jackson” for the whole school Next Monday.

Thank you, Hope you’re having an amazing year.

Athandile (Athi)



June 2022

Dear FHA,

I think the role of a father in child’s life is very important. I think the father’s role has a big impact on how the child is going to be and teaching your son to be an amazing father as well.

A father also has to provide for his child’s needs in life. He has to buy the child clothes, he provides for everyone as the head of the family and makes sure there is a roof over his children’s head. Every father also has to take care of his family and provide for their needs on a day to day basis.

My father plays a very important role in my life. He makes sure that I’ve eaten, the yard is clean, my clothes are washed and my homework is done when my mother is away. I think my dad is going to play a very important role in the type of man I’m going to be. I learn a lot from him, he’s my role model and he treats people with respect.

I enjoy spending time with my dad as he tells me stories about when he was a boy and what he liked to play with his friends. He talks about how the relationship he had with his father shaped him as a man and I think my relationship with him will shape me as a man.

Sincerly yours
Athandile (Athi)


May 2022

Dear FHA,

I hope you are well. My 2nd term of Gr 7 has been challenging but I’ve been trying my best this past 7 weeks.


Kronedal’s extra murals / sports starteed 6 weeks ago and I chose to play soccer. We started playing against other schools in the 3rd week. Our first match was against Llandudno, and we won the game by 8 -0, that was fun. second match was against Herzlia Highlands and we won the game by 6 – 4. We also played against International School and we won the game by 9-1. 

We played against Amblesdie and we won by 6-0 and then we playes Llandudno again and we won 2-0. I enoy soccer more than the other extra mural at school because it a sport that I can play even at home with my friends. I’m also think about joining the HBC football clubl in IY.


My challenges in the 2nd term are thatI’ve been strugling with a new topic in Maths but I got help at school with my maths.

My achievements this term were, I came 7th out of 21 in our overall achievemt in my class and I came 21 out of 56 people in the grade. 


My family has been good so far this year, everyone is healthy and happy. My mother and father are checking my work every day. They are so proud of me. I just need to work hard on my school work to make you guys and my parent proud of me.

 Thank you for everything you guys have done for me 





April 2022


The first 3 months of grade 7 have been very nice and difficult and I really enjoy grade 7 because of the challenges t gives me. I think I have to up my game this term so I can get good marks for the exams in the next few weeks.


The biggest challenges of the 1st term were the new subjects that we didn’t do in grad 6 and I think I really struggled with them.


My biggest achievements in the 1st term are; I improved a little in maths, IsiXhosa and Afrikaans but this term. I’m going to try my best with all the subjects that I didn’t do my best in.


My Easter weekend was just the same as every weekend, I’ve had except my mom and my niece weren’t there and I spent it with my dad.


I’m very excited to start term 2 because this is the term I have to give my best and pass my exams and I’m excited to get the responses from the High Schools I applied too.


Camp was amazing and we learnt a lot of things and there was also of grade 7 drama but I really enjoyed the experience at camp and I didn’t want to leave on the last day but we had too.


We did a lot of things like climbing this tall structure and it was very scary and there was an obstacle course at the top and we also cooked our own food on the second day. We also went canoeing on the Breede River.



March 2022



February 2022

January 2022

Our Bright Start Champion, Athandile has also returned to school, and he offers us his holiday news in the Bright Start segment.




October 2021

Our Bright Start Champion, Athandile, has remained consistently steady throughout this school year and you can read more about his achievements below.




September 2021


We checked in with our young Bright Start Champion, Athandile, as we head towards the end of the school year and the festive season – you can read all about that in the segment below.




August 2021

We enjoyed meeting Virginia, the newly appointed Mentoring and Educational Program Coordinator at Bright Start.

Her update on Athi : 

“Athandile is commended for his desire to excel and reach his full potential. He felt good about his Term 2 report, yet is fully aware that he could do better in Afrikaans as well as Natural Science. He struggled with Maths in Term 2, and we agreed together that extra lessons weekly would help him improve his results going forward. He has been attending these lessons diligently every Wednesday, and we trust that his Term 3 results will reflect his efforts. He also spends time at the Bright Start Learning Centre every Monday to study, work on projects and complete his Reflective Learning tasks. “

Bright Start also received positive feedback from his teacher in Term 2, who said Athi worked consistently and can be proud of his results. 

It is certainly not an easy task to be navigating your school career through a pandemic which sees many weekly routines disrupted, but we have faith that Athandile and all the learners of South Africa will emerge from this stronger than before.



July 2021


We had a chance to catch up with Athandile and take a peep into this Grade 6 learner’s life in the 3rd academic term of 2021.

Athi graciously took the time to share his sentiments with us:

Many scholars in South Africa are currently unable to participate in school sports due to Covid-19 restrictions, and many schools are on a rotating schedule, allowing children to attend school every second day, allowing the larger schools to be divided into two separate groups.

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails” and thankfully we are a resilient nation with tenacity and adaptability.




June 2021

Athandile planting seeds at Enviro-Club at Kronendal Primary last month, before Lockdown Level 4 was reintroduced and extra-mural activities curtailed.

Athandile firmly believes that it is important to protect the environment and when asked why this was his answer:  “There are a lot of reasons plus that’s our topic for natural science. And the reason is, there is a lot of rubbish everywhere and that kills our environment and it’s not cool”.

The winter school holiday has been extended until July 26th in an effort to stem the tide of infections and scholars’ progress has once again been disrupted.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Change is the only constant in life. One’s ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life.”



April 2021

It was a short but well-earned holiday break for  learners and teachers in South Africa, and we caught up with Athandile to find out how he felt about his first term and holiday.

  1. How do you feel the first term has gone and why?
    “I think it went smooth because we attended school every day and not like last year we had to learn at home. And I was able to see my friends after a long time and actually seeing more new people. It was easy to complete schoolwork because I could ask teachers for help.”2) What are you most proud of on your Term 1 report and why?
    “I am mostly proud of my Xhosa, Natural Science & Technology, Social Science, History and Life Skills because I got above grade average because I worked hard.”3) What do you want to improve on your report and why?
    “I want to improve in my English, Afrikaans and Maths because I don’t think I did well in them and I need to work harder in them. Even though I passed the subjects I think I can get better results.”4) How was your school holiday?
    “My school holidays were ok and boring because they were short. But at least I spent time with my family.”

Athi has always prioritised and valued family time, and we wish him a wonderful Mothers’ Day with his special mom.


March 2021

As the first school term of 2021 draws to a close, we asked Athandile a few questions to reflect on this period

What has Grade Six been like so far?

It has been hard because Grade 6 is tougher than the previous Grade.

In the last month, what is the most interesting thing or fact that you have learnt?

It was the lifecycle of a plant photosynthesis, and that it brings in C02 and Breathes out 02

How do you feel about the tests that you are writing now? Do you feel prepared? 

Yes, I feel prepared because it is stuff we have been working on over the past few weeks.

How do you feel as we are now going into Autumn and Summer is ending?

I think there is no difference between Summer and Autumn because Summer was not really that hot, it was actually quite cool.

Athi recently enjoyed a lovely hike up Chapmans Peak, so is making the most of this ‘cool’ weather.

Until next time… keep up the good work Athandile!



February 2021

Athandile has returned to school for the 1st term of Grade 6 and is enjoying his new teacher, Ms Conradie.

He says that the first week at school was very challenging as he now had to behave like a Grade 6 pupil and not a Grade 5 any longer – this I am sure pertains to the workload which we know increases in Grade 6.

Athi’s current extra murals are tennis and swimming, and he is not sure when karate will commence again, but is enjoying the other sports in the meanwhile.

We wish Athi the best of luck with his new syllabus in Grade 6 and look forward to catching up next month, to hear more news.



We caught up with Athandile about his holiday and getting back to school.

Did the holiday feel long or short?
The holiday felt short because we closed late and that felt weird.

Did the closure of the beaches have an impact on your holiday?
The closure of the beaches didn’t have a big impact cause I didn’t go to the beach.

What are your thoughts surrounding the 2nd wave and how it makes children feel.
It feels very sad because there was only one person with Covid but now there is over 100,000 infected people and that’s very bad because no one cared about it, but people have to start caring.

How do you feel about returning to school?
Excited and nervous because I’m going to grade six new Grade new year I hope it’s gonna be a good year.

What is your favourite December memory and your top wish for 2021?
When we had supper as one family on Christmas that was my very best moment. Thank you. 🌟


October 2020

The Bright Start children recently attended a self-reflection workshop in which they analysed their reports for Term 3 and described how they felt about both their results and their teacher comments.

Athandile was pleased with his academic result and feels that he tried his best. He does, however, feel disappointed in his teacher’s ratings in the skills, values and attitudes section of his report and wants to improve in that area.

Another activity that he participated in, was to look at himself as a tree, standing strong while the wind blows. He wrote down all the challenges he had faced during lockdown on the gusts of wind, and then all the support systems that kept him strong. It was special that Athi acknowledged the role of his teachers during this time.

He wrote on one of the roots: “Covid-19 tried to stop me but our teachers didn’t forget us. They kept pushing us to do our best”. 

May we all  push someone to do their best -never give up, you never know who you are inspiring.

We wish Athandile the best of luck for his final weeks in Grade 5.


September 2020

We received a little peek at Athandile’s Term 3 report today.

It has been such a disruptive year in terms of schooling, so we are very pleased to note that Athi’s resilience and work ethic has contributed to his understanding of the work consistent with previous terms.

Remarkably, his marks have  improved significantly in Afrikaans and isiXhosa as well as in History.

Athandile has also started to take Karate lessons again with Sensei Brendon Koopman, one of Bright Start’s kind service providers. He had had to take a break in previous terms, because of a time clash with his other sports, but it is great that he is able to do karate again and keep active during these challenging times.

We are proud of Athi and look forward to supporting him through the final term of 2020.

Keep up the good work! 


August 2020


Our young Bright Start champion is enjoying being at his school (Kronendal), but he is very conscious that his friends are not all fortunate enough to be back at school yet. Such a sweet sentiment, he really is a caring child. 

His class is managing the current workload and are very thankful for the Grade 5 WhatsApp group where any questions about the work can be asked and answered  – they work from home every 2nd day to keep the numbers of children at school to a minimum.

Athandile took the time to answer some questions regarding his back to school routine:

1) What is your favourite thing about being back at school? 
School is fun but we can’t play soccer and it’s boring without soccer and there are two groups group a and group b 

2) What is the most interesting thing that you have learned since being back at school? 
We have to social distance and sanitize to keep our hands clean. I didn’t know that hygiene was very important – it can save someone’s life. 

3) Are there any challenges that you are facing at the moment, and if so, what are you doing to overcome them?  
No because it’s easier this way and we can do more work.

We wish Athandile, and all the learners in SA who are currently navigating their ‘new norm’, all the best and look forward to hearing how the 3rd term pans out for him next month.



June 2020

Athandile is not yet back at school, but he will be soon. Although nationally the Grade 5s are not due to resume school attendance for some time, the school that he attends (Kronendal Primary) has been given a special dispensation to return certain grades earlier. 

So Athi will be back at school this coming Tuesday (21 July)). All grades (except for Grade 7) at his school have been split into two groups and the learners then alternate days which they attend school to reduce the number of learners at school at any one time.

On the days when they are not at school, the kids will work from home. Athandile has continued to do his absolute best in terms of his school work from home. 

We are so happy for our Bright Start Champion who is excited to be back at school as he will be able to see his friends and teachers again!


May 2020

Our young Bright Start Champion, Athandile has been hard at work with his term 2 schoolwork, from home. His tentative return-to-school date is 3rd August at present.

Athi says that schooling from home is different in that there is more time to spread out doing the work and more time to think about each question. The most interesting thing he learnt during lockdown schoolwork was in History: that Kellogg’s Cornflakes were invented by mistake! He says the inventor’s name was Will Kellogg.

His family, together with the other Bright Start learners, have been receiving vegetable packages from ‘Gracie Love in a Bowl’ throughout lockdown. The children also received masks that were personally made for them by Erin Hudson’s mother-in-law. Erin is the ‘Education and Mentorship Specialist’ for Bright Start.

Bright Start is providing a valuable service to these children, and we encourage you to visit their website to learn more about how you can be involved and sponsor / mentor a young child.


Athandile video


April 2020

Athandile graciously took the time to answer some  questions about his ‘Life during Lockdown – Covid19 2020’:

1) What has it been like to have to complete your schoolwork at home?

Doing work at home is easy because I get more time to finish.

2) What is your favourite memory of lockdown?

My best memory of lockdown was when we passed level 5

3) What has been difficult for you during this time?

The difficult part of lockdown has been to not be able to go outside and play.

4) What do you miss the most from your ‘normal’ life outside of lockdown?

I miss school, my friends and my teachers

5) What is the first thing you will do when lockdown is over?

I will pack all my things and get ready to go to school, because I really miss school.

6) What is the worst part of lockdown?

The worst part of lockdown was to have my birthday during it because we were struggling to get a nice cake and to invite my friends over. Also, my mom had to go to the Eastern Cape, and she couldn’t come back before my birthday on Sunday. I was struggling to do my work but then Mr Levendal decided to deliver the work over the internet.


Athandile has always made a plan to complete his schoolwork, although a lack of sufficient data does make that very difficult. It is something that Bright Start are fundraising for; to try and raise money to assist their children with the data they need to complete their schoolwork remotely.

Attached is a photo of Athi doing a self-reflection activity which was set out for the kids at the end of Term 1. 
We are so pleased to tell you that for the past 4 weeks, the families on the Bright Start programme have received a weekly parcel of fresh veggies. This is with thanks to Gordon and the team at Gracie Love in a Bowl. I’ve attached some photos of Athi collecting the veggies. 

I think our young star is doing a sterling job under the circumstances – my sympathy really does lie with the children of the world during this time, as no child should have to be confined to their homes with no freedom for play and interaction with their peers.

Home schooling is no easy task either, so we salute the carers, parents and teachers who are doing their utmost during Covid-19  to provide our children with the education they need to move forward.


March 2020

Our bright young Bright Start champion, Athandile, has completed his first term of Grade 5, and has produced a sterling set of results. South African scholars have been challenged during this unique time, with  COVID-19 cutting the term short, and the beginning of Term 2, 2020 being pushed out. 

Despite these challenges Athi has produced a most pleasing report. His conscientious nature continues to shine through and is evident in his excellent results. Notably he achieved 87% for Natural Sciences and Technology and a stunning 100% for Geography! Results like this only come with hard work and dedication.

His teacher, Mr Lok, commented on the high standard of his in-class NST assignment for which he had to assemble a human skeleton. We are very proud of him! 

We wish Athi and his family well during the National Lockdown and hope that the home-schooling efforts, with the ever-present support of Bright Start, over the next two weeks will help to produce more amazing results 😊


February 2020

Our bright young Bright Start lad, Athandile, has been very busy these past few weeks.

Athi and his classmates went to the SOS camp in Villiersdorp from 22-24 Feb. 

The camp focused on team building, learning about the natural environment and the interdependence of living organisms, as well as identifying and solving environmental problems.

One of the things he enjoyed most about the Grade 5 camp was cooking their lunches on an open  fire – a real outdoor experience.

Athi has chosen to do Karate instead of playing soccer this year, as he doesn’t have enough time to excel at both.  His Karate instructor is one of the Bright Start service providers, Sensei Brendon Koopman.

To be noted: Athandile’s PE teacher has noticed an improvement in Athi’s swimming! After swimming assessments he commended him on always giving his best and said that the results were really starting to show.

So, from Soccer Star to Karate Kid Athi remains fighting fit.


January 2020

A heartfelt thanks from the 3 students whom we assisted to get high school uniforms for, in December 2019 – as well as a lovely note from young Athandile himself. Handwritten correspondence trumps electronic communication any day of the week! Thank you beautiful children.




We are so proud of Athandile for producing an excellent report at the end of last year and progressing comfortably to Grade 5.

He is known as a conscientious boy at school, who, according to his teacher, possesses good self-discipline and displays a “great balance of behaviour”. While he is sociable with those around him, when it is time to work, he gets down to it. 

Notably, Athi did not miss a single day of school in 2019. What an achievement!

While he continues to enjoy playing soccer for the HBUFC three times a week, in November 2019 he also participated in a 4 week ‘Pilates for Kids’ course. By the fourth lesson, through practise and persistence, he was able to kneel on the gym ball and balance without using the wall – a feat which is tricky for most to achieve.

During the December holidays Bright Start organised a holiday programme to keep the children busy and having fun. This holiday Athi went on an outing to Cool Runnings and attended a Bright Start Pool Party.

We look forward to seeing what 2020 holds for our young ‘Bright Starter’.



Athandile and his mother recently visited the Norval Foundation in Tokai on 9 November. The Norval Foundation has been a kind supporter of Bright Start and sponsor trips for their children whenever there is a new exhibition. They thoroughly enjoyed this exposure to South African art.

Athi has also almost completed a 4 week ‘Pilates for kids’ course with one of the Bright Start service providers, Tracy Bertish. 

A very exciting award was bestowed upon Athi this past week by Kronendal School, a certificate of achievement for ‘Having the most positive attitude’. His prize was a Bugatti’s pizza voucher which he will share with his mom, and he has already picked out the pizza he will be having – well done Athi!

As the year draws to a close we wait in anticipation to receive the news of his final exam marks, and wish Athi and his family the most beautiful festive season together – we look forward to more adventures with them in 2020.

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Athandile has had a good start to his final term this school year.

He enjoyed building a rocket using a balloon, for his Natural Science project – all good fun while learning about physics.

He continues to enjoy playing soccer for the HBUFC and on 20 October his team drew against Parklands.

Over the next few weeks he will be preparing for his November exams. We’re sure that he will do brilliantly and be more than ready for Grade 5 in 2020.

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Athandile has just finished up his FATs at school (Formal Assessment Tasks), but has not received his results for these yet – if his past marks are anything to go by, he will have nothing to worry about.

He is currently playing soccer five times a week (two days for school and three days for HBUFC) and is loving it.

Athi is really enjoying keeping active and is enjoying connecting with Frank’s son at HBUFC practises – they are striking up quite the bond.

We look forward to connecting more with our young soccer star this term, and will keep you posted with his developments.

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It has been an exciting month for young Athandile, as he has joined the Hout Bay United Football Club, HBUFC.

He will now be practicing twice a week with HBUFC and will continue to play for his school team which will groom our young soccer star for great achievements in his favourite sport.

Athandile took some time out to join the “Holland United” team players on their literal home turf for a fun morning of footy.


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JULY 2019

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good that will overwhelm the world”
– Desmond Tutu

We all have the ability to make a difference in our communities and to build hope in our Rainbow Nation. With this in mind, FHA is beyond proud to announce our association with Bright Start, and we encourage you to follow (and contribute to!) our journey with Athandile Mbaleki as we partner with him through his school career and extramural activities.

FHA has committed to sponsoring Athandile’s annual schooling, mentoring, sporting and cultural pursuits. We will achieve this by contributing R300 per conveyancing instruction received by our firm directly to Bright Start, which we pay over on a monthly basis.

Athandile (or “Athie”, as he is affectionately known) is a gentle, good-natured, 10 year old boy in Grade 4 at Kronendal Primary School in Hout Bay. He is quietly confident, independent and organised. Athie is an avid reader and visits the school library every few days to replenish his stock. After school, you might find him on the soccer field, making it difficult for his opponents to score – Athie plays goalkeeper or defender. He’s also a great swimmer, and karate maestro!The Bright Start Sponsorship Programme includes:

  • school fees
  • mentorship and guidance of the parent and child
  • extramural activities
  • cultural enrichment
  • safe after-care
  • daily reliable transport 
  • access to subsidised private health and dental care 

Most parents of the Bright Start kids are domestic workers and general workers whose livelihoods are not well sustained. Beneficiaries are all from previously disadvantaged backgrounds with a gender ratio of 50% female and 50% male.

We’re so excited to be supporting Athie as he learns, grows and finds his life’s passion. We invite you to follow his story on our social media platforms and in future editions of this newsletter.